I Fix Legal Workflows

Optimize your process. Engage your team. Make the most of your technology.

I can help you build a more profitable, scalable, and sustainable law practice.

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Be a more Agile Attorney

Harness the tools of modern management to build a more profitable, scalable, and sustainable law practice that gets more done using the tools and team you already have.

Online Courses
Work with Me

Personal Help to Level up your Law Practice

Work with me to streamline workflows and bust through bottlenecks on the way to building a practice that works for you, not one that has you chained to it.

Executive Coaching

Monthly or bi-weekly coaching sessions to help you get your goals on track, break through roadblocks, and provide accountability partnership

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Facilitated Workshops

Half-day to multi-day seminars for your team, guaranteed to align your people, promote communication, and find immediate improvements to your workflows.

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Group Training

Live & on-demand classes and CLE on legal innovation, Agile management, process improvement, legal analytics and other tools.

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Let's get Agile!

I'm John Grant and I help lawyers run better practices.

Imagine leaving work every single day feeling like you and your team have finished everything you needed to do that day. You have time and energy left for your family and hobbies. And you rest easy—leaving work at work—knowing that you'll have the same feeling of accomplishment tomorrow.

My methods can make that your reality.

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"John's work with us has been critical to the way we handle our work, and our confidence to grow as a team and as a practice."


Perry Smith, Barritt Smith Miner

"After implementing the Agile practices John taught me I feel so much more in control of my practice. My team reached our annual revenue goal two months early!"

Jess Birken, Birken Law

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Check out my online courses.  

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All Things Agile

Learn how Agile professionals stop playing whac-a-mole and streamline their workflows. If you want to spend less time fighting fires and invest that energy in fire prevention, this is the place to start.

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Kanban for Lawyers

Kanban is the simple-yet-powerful tool that will revolutionize your team's productivity. You'll learn intuitive systems to help you manage flow and get more work done, without working more.

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Practice with Purpose

Your mission is about so much more than marketing. Learn how to craft a mission statement that clarifies your goals, drives your strategy, and engages your team and your clients alike.

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