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The Agile Attorney Podcast Intro

podcast May 28, 2021

After several years of pondering starting a podcast, here is the debut episode!  My goal for the podcast is to have several different episode types that align with how I view Agile.  Agile is a revolutionary approach to managing knowledge work of all kinds - including legal work.

The Agile approach boiled down to 4 key principles- 

  1. Focus should always be on value (specifically, customer value)
  2. Empower your team
  3. Optimize everything for delivering quality
  4. Improve, regularly and frequently, with feedback

In Season 1 I am going to be focusing on this last principle - feedback.  Lawyers are notorious for not getting customer feedback.  So in Season 1, I am going to get feedback for you!  Listen for some cautionary tales and be inspired by some success stories from actual customers of actual lawyers.

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