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After several years of pondering starting a podcast, here is the debut episode!  My goal for the podcast is to have several different episode types that align with how I view Agile.  Agile is a revolutionary approach to managing knowledge work of all kinds – including legal work.

In Season 1 I am going to be focusing on this last principle – feedback.  Lawyers are notorious for not getting customer feedback.  So in Season 1, I am going to get feedback for you!  Listen for some cautionary tales and be inspired by some success stories from actual customers of actual lawyers.

Show Notes

I’m calling Season 1 The Voice of the Client because that’s the key to true agility. Lawyers are notoriously slow to change, but client expectations are evolving faster than many firms can keep up. No amount of marketing or fancy technology can cover for a firm that doesn’t understand what its clients really want and need.

But getting clients to tell you those things is always challenging. Feedback can be hard to ask for—and hard to hear! Not only that, clients are often unreliable narrators; legal team leaders need to sort through the sometimes squishy requests to develop legal products and services and experiences that clients will truly love.

Agile is a revolutionary approach to managing knowledge work of all kinds—including legal work.

The Agile approach boiled down to 4 key principles- 

  1. Focus should always be on value (specifically, customer value)
  2. Empower your team
  3. Optimize everything for delivering quality
  4. Improve, regularly and frequently, with feedback

In Season 1 I am going to be focusing on the first and last principles:  I solicit feedback from real legal clients in order to better understand what they truly value.  Listen for some cautionary tales of client experience gone wrong, and to be inspired by some runaway successes from unexpected places.

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About the author 

John E. Grant

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