John E. Grant, The Agile Attorney

Hello, I'm John E. Grant.

I'm the Agile Attorney, and I help lawyers suck less.* Or more accurately, I'm an agile attorney, and I help lawyering suck less.

I'm not saying you suck—far from it! I do this work because I LOVE working with smart, passionate professionals who are using their skills to make a difference for their clients and their communities.

I've been there, and I know that work isn't easy.

But I also know that you're on to something when you ask yourself, “Does it really have to be this hard?”

(hint: it doesn't)

Read on to learn more about me, my methods, and whether you and your team could benefit from the work that I do to make law practices profitable, scalable, and sustainable.

* If you didn't laugh at this, just a little, then we probably aren't good fit for each other.

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My Story

I'm a fourth-generation lawyer who spent nearly a decade in the technology industry before going to law school. I approach my work through that lens: I understand the history of how lawyers have worked through the decades, and I also know how modern tools and methods are powering the practices of the future.

Don't think for a second that my family history makes me reverent for the old ways of practicing law. I respect elements of the past, but it had plenty of dark sides.* My tech career taught me the need to question assumptions and cut through traditional BS to make the progress you want to see.

* I once found a phone directory for my great grandfather's firm that had two sections: Lawyers, and Girls. Ugh 🙄

What is this Agile Thing?

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Let me know* what questions you have, or what kinds of problems you're trying to solve for your practice or team.

You'll get an automated reply with a link to schedule a discovery call with me, and if you're asking a question I will personally respond as soon as I'm able.

*Name and email are required, everything else is helpful.