Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

NOW LIVE Podcast Season 1: Voice of the Client | Episode 5: Jason

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: NOW LIVE Podcast Season 1: Voice of the Client | Episode 5: Jason

Agile Starts With Understanding Your Clients

At its core, Agile is about delivering client value. But getting unvarnished feedback from clients can be tough—tough to ask for and tough to hear. 

In Season 1 of The Agile Attorney Podcast, I talk with a variety of legal clients to find out what they really think about their lawyers. You'll learn what they love, what drives them crazy, and the surprising little things lawyers do that can make or break the client experience.


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Jason is a maintenance technician in Massachusetts whose divorce devolved from amicable to contentious, because of an ineffective (and seemingly overworked) mediator.

Forced to hire an attorney, you'll hear what happened when his money runs out, and the creative (but overwhelming) way he gave himself a crash course in family law.

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Dennis is a financial planner in central California, and he needs good estate planning lawyers to refer his clients to.

He has some great advice on the nature of customer service in professional service, how to establish a niche practice (even when you aren't necessarily part of that niche), and reveals  some nerdy music proclivities along the way.

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Amy is a senior manager with a state agency, and she has nothing but good things to say about the lawyers she works with. 

Learn how she compares the role of the lawyers versus the rule of scientists on her team, hear why mentoring is so important, and learn what you can do to feel the love from your own clients.

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Angel has experienced multiple types of discrimination at work, but he has a hard time finding a lawyer who will take on his well-known employer.

He finally finds a newly solo employment attorney who seems to give him some solid advice, but Angel has some reasons of his own not to follow all of his lawyer's suggestions.

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Lynn is a single mother engaged in custody battles with two exes. Even though she has a lawyer, she's frustrated by the complexities of the family law system and wishes her lawyer would do more to help her understand how to navigate it.

This interview takes place just before an important hearing and, you can hear how the stress affects her.

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In the debut episode, I talk about what it means to be Agile (as opposed to just adopting agile tools). I discuss the core principles of an Agile legal practice. And I introduce the first season of the podcast, including why it is so critical to capture and respond to the true—but often unspoken— needs of your client.

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