Recommended Technology Tools

This is my curated list of tools and products I recommend most for adopting Agile methods into your law practice. I have personally used and tested every recommendation on this page, either in my own business or in my work with my clients. I have an affiliate relationship with some of these companies, but they wouldn't be on here if I weren't willing to stand behind them. In some cases, my affiliate deal lets you get additional features or better pricing if you decided to buy or subscribe to a product.

Online Kanban Software

A lot of software products these days have built-in kanban boards, but that's not the same as a fully-fledged kanban tool. The first step of the Kanban Methodology is to make the work visible, and nearly every board can do that. What sets these recommendations apart are their ability to manage the flow of work through your systems with work-in-process limits, buffer columns, and service level expectations. 


KanbanZone is the most flexible all-around kanban software tool I've seen and the one I use personally. It has a robust board designer that lets you capture the realities of your existing workflow; track work at client, matter, and task levels; and easily generate reports to show you where your bottlenecks lie. I have worked with their CEO to develop several board templates for common legal workflows, so you won't have to design your first board from scratch. I am an official KanbanZone Consulting Partner, so if you sign up using the button below you'll get a 60-day Free Trial and a setup call with me to help you get started.

Kanbanize / Businessmap

Kanbanize is a power tool for teams looking to automate elements of their workflow, and it is a favorite of many of my clients. It's base license is priced to accommodate 15 users, so it is initially a more expensive than other tools for small teams. What makes Kanbanize shine are its business rules, allowing you to automate a number of tasks and actions to reduce manual work. I am a Kanbanize Solutions Partner and have several legal workflow templates for Kanbanize, but you will need to contact me directly to add them to your account. 


Depending on which version you choose, LegalBoards can be a standalone law practice management tool or a fantastic add-on to your Clio instance. For the latter, it saves you the hassle of connecting Clio to external tools (like Trello) while maintaining a real-time, two-way sync with Clio's tasks, users, matters, and time-tracking. It also works seamlessly with Clio's checklist templates, so if you've already invested in setting up your policies and procedures in Clio, Legalboards is the easiest way to add the benefits of visual matter management. If you're not already using Clio, Legalboards is a darn good standalone option too. (Note that the default trial for Legalboards is 14 days, but if you contact me I can get you an extension.)


Lawcus is the first standalone law practice management tool build on the Kanban methodology. If you're frustrated with your current system and looking to make a change, Lawcus is definitely worth a look. They have board templates for many common areas of law, and movement through their boards can trigger all sorts of automations and document creation processes that can definitely speed up your workflows.

Knowledge Management Software


Guru is the most intuitive knowledge management tool I've ever used. Information is stored in "cards" (different from kanban cards) that can be full of rich text, photos, and even embedded video. If you're keeping important information in Word docs on a drive, or even another knowledge management tool, Guru could be a game changer. It makes it incredibly to capture and organize individual knowledge so that it becomes a firmwide resource, and it helps you make sure that the information inside of it doesn't become stale. And its search feature is incredible, making it incredibly easy to find the information you're looking for.

Website and Marketing — Tools & Services

Convology Marketing Technology Coaching

Convology is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to take control of their online marketing and build smart, sustainable practices for growing your legal business. Doug is smart, friendly, and supportive, but know that this is very much a DIWY service; the only time he'll do things for you is when he's teaching you to do them on your own. You'll become a smarter user of marketing tools and product strategies.

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BigScoots WordPress Hosting

BigScoots is a managed WordPress hosting provider that is secure, lightning fast, and creates automated backups. I've tried lots of different website options, from SquareSpace to Wix to Webflow to Kajabi, and I keep coming back to WordPress as the most powerful, flexible, and affordable option. BigScoots isn't the cheapest hosting provider, but you get what you pay for (and the discount code on the left will help). Be sure to take advantage of their free migration services by real humans.

Thrive Suite Site Builder

Thrive Suite is the best site and page builder I've used for WordPress. It has dozens of pre-built templates to get you started, and is infinitely customizable from there. Even if you're just starting with brochureware (which is fine for many firms), Thrive will lay the foundation to transform your website into a fully-fledged marketing suite. It also has built in modules for delivering online learning, creating online products, and performing A/B testing to see what really works. And it seamlessly connects with most email marketing platforms. 


There are lots of "for lawyers" marketing tools tools, but none of them is as powerful and affordable as ActiveCampaign. It combines industry best practices for email and SMS marketing, robust segmenting and automation, CRM for your intake pipeline, and native connectivity to dozens of technology tools. I've tried several options, and I keep coming back to ActiveCampaign.