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Most lawyers think of their intake form as something that they need to send to the client so they can get the information they need to actually do the legal work their client requires. But what if we shifted the perspective and instead asked the question, "What is the job

Ep #18: Understanding “Jobs To Be Done” to Unlock Hidden Client Needs

One common thread I see among lawyers and law practices is the desire to make everything we do delivered at the highest possible quality. We want to polish our work in an effort to stand out as experts and leaders in our field. While I applaud (and in some senses

Ep #17: How Minimum Viable Products Can Improve Efficiency AND Quality

You've heard me talk about the individual practices and concepts from the Kanban method, but today's episode is an exciting opportunity for you to learn from one of my teachers in this world of Agile, Kanban, and Lean: Tim Lennon. Like many people, Tim first came into Agile as a

Ep #16: Aligning Your Firm’s People and Systems with Tim Lennon

Handing off work, especially multiple back-and-forth handoffs, can be a huge source of delay and rework in your law practice. In today’s episode, I teach you about some practical strategies for how to optimize handoffs, both the ones that happen internally with your own team, and the handoffs that happen

Ep #15: Mastering Effective Handoffs in Your Legal Practice

Ever started your Monday already swamped with emails and tasks, all competing for your attention? Determining the best sequence to tackle these tasks is crucial for maximizing your effectiveness throughout the week and beyond.And while you might be used to it and it may sometimes work, relying solely on gut

Ep #14: How to Prioritize Work Within Your Law Practice

If you’re like a lot of attorneys, one of the more significant sources of overwhelm in your law practice comes from the sheer volume of emails and other communications you have to process in the course of your day. Effective communication is always a hot topic and it plagues law

Ep #13: Taming Email Overwhelm

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