The Agile Attorney Podcast

One of the six core foundational principles of the Kanban Method (and Agile and Lean methodology overall) is: Start with what you do now. It's a powerful concept in change management, and it's about understanding the status quo. Start with what you do now might sound simple, but this is

Ep #26: Start with What You Do Now

Today, I'm delighted to introduce you to my friend and collaborator, Melissa Shanahan, founder of Velocity Work and host of The Law Firm Owner Podcast. She teaches her clients a planning and accountability method she calls Monday Map/Friday Wrap. This method highlights some vital parts of the Agile practices of

Ep #25: Following Your Law Firm Strategic Plan with Melissa Shanahan

Visualizing your work on a Kanban Board can be a life-changing improvement to your and your team's overall productivity. But adopting the board as a tool and the Kanban method more broadly can be a little uncomfortable at first, especially when you see all of your to-dos laid out in

Ep #24: Sticking with Change When Change Gets Hard

Many of us in the legal world, especially firm owners, are feeling the effects of the growing shortage of lawyers. The lawyer shortage is a complex issue with multiple factors at play, but the impacts are becoming apparent everywhere, from the public defender crisis to the civil access to justice

Ep #23: Roots of the Lawyer Shortage

This episode is a response to a listener question, asking for more information and examples around how to write effective policies for your law practice. I've spoken before about the importance of making policies explicit. But what does it mean to draft an effective policy in your law firm?When writing

Ep #22: How to Write Effective Law Firm Policies

One of the features of modern business is that there's tons of pressure to grow, scale, and do more with less. Lawyers and their teams aren't exempt from this expectation. It makes sense to leverage our resources and our impact. However, growth for the sake of growth isn't necessarily the

Ep #21: You Can’t Scale Your Way Out of a Sustainability Problem

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