The Agile Attorney Podcast

There is a wealth of tools out there designed to streamline your workflow, easy to pick up and capable of adapting in countless ways as you master them. A personal favorite of mine is the Kanban board. I've been championing it for years, often introducing it to folks for the

Ep #4: Kanban Board Essentials for Lawyers

Are you hitting roadblocks in your legal delivery systems because of stubborn bottlenecks that disrupt the flow of work? It feels like every new solution out there promises smoother operations, yet often, they just end up shifting the problem elsewhere.In today’s episode, I’m going to guide you through the most

Ep #3: Finding and Fixing Bottlenecks to Drive Law Practice Efficiency

​​I sat down with Chad Main of legal technology company Percipient for his Technically Legal Podcast. Chad was a great interviewer because he uses Agile practices in his own work, and he got me to break down some of the basics of Agile and Kanban for lawyers who may be

Technically Legal Podcast: Using Agile to Streamline Legal Workflows

If you're feeling overwhelmed or overburdened in your law practice, it may be a sign that you're operating beyond your current capacity. Capacity is a multifaceted concept, encompassing time, energy, skill, knowledge, and more. This week, I focus on having an honest reckoning with capacity, focusing on the relationship between

Ep #2: The Honest Reckoning with Capacity

Do you ever feel discouraged or overwhelmed by the amount of unfinished work in your law practice? Are you ever juggling so many balls that you’re worried something is going to drop and you may not notice when it does? If so, you’re in the right place. The Agile Attorney

Ep #1: Four Agile Principles to Help Your Legal Practice

A few weeks ago I had a great interview with Mountain Goat Software's Brian Milner for his Agile Mentors Podcast, and I'm happy to announce that our episode is live. Most of the podcast interviews I do are from folks who are catering to lawyers and the legal operations crowd, so

The Agile Mentors Podcast

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