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Return visitors will notice that this site is substantially stripped down from its previous version. The old version had become something of a Frankenstein’s monster, (or maybe more of a Winchester Mystery House), full of partially implemented features based on incomplete ideas.

Turns out I was violating two of my own maxims:

Instead, I’ve gone back to a Minimum Viable Product approach: What is the most basic thing I can do to accomplish my goals and lay the groundwork for a feedback loop of continuous improvement?

My goals for this site are to:

  • Validate that I exist.
  • Provide a way to contact me.
  • Establish that I know something about the topics I propound.
  • Encourage those lawyers and legal teams who think they might be able to use my help to start a conversation with me.

That’s it. I may add more goals later, and I will likely experiment on new and better ways to accomplish my goals. But I think this simple website satisfies my current goals in at least a minimally viable way.

(And, frankly, I think it does a far better job of it than my old site, for which I paid a fair amount of money and invested a better-than-fair amount of effort. But rather than succumb to the sunk cost fallacy, I’ve decided to scrap it and start fresh. Again. And again.)

Agree? Disagree? Want to know about how to implement a Lean Startup Approach to elements of your own practice? Good. Let’s start that conversation so I can get my feedback loop going.

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