Technically Legal Podcast: Using Agile to Streamline Legal Workflows

I sat down with Chad Main of legal technology company Percipient for his Technically Legal Podcast. Chad was a great interviewer because he uses Agile practices in his own work, and he got me to break down some of the basics of Agile and Kanban for lawyers who may be new to the concepts. 

We give a high-level overview of Agile overall, and then dive into the core practices of the Kanban method, including:

  • Making work visible with kanban boards;
  • The value of a daily standup meeting (and other tools for effective team communication);
  • The importance of WIP Limits (work in process limits); and
  • Why lawyers should invest more of their efforts on improving their delivery systems.

You can listen to the episode on the Technically Legal Podcast Page, or at any of the links below:

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