The Ethics of Law Practice Systems and Project Management

Written By John E. Grant  |  Podcast, Productivity  |  0 Comments

Technology is pulling lawyers and law practices into the modern age but how can you, as a lawyer and business owner, use technology to improve you practice management while remaining compliant with the ethics rules? Along with using technology, how can you apply project management concepts to improve your business?

I joined Megan Zavieh on her podcast to discuss.

What We Discuss in This Episode:

  • Why lawyers seek to derive intrinsic value from their practices
  • What the correlation is between the first five rules of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and project management?
  • What project management is and how it’s applied in a law firm setting
  • The lean startup methodology, the minimum viable product and how lawyers can apply this concept while writing briefs
  • What ethics rules lawyers must be aware of when they’re applying project management methodologies
  • Can certain project management methods improve client-attorney relationships?
  • Can you effectively and competently represent a client when applying lean methodology?
  • How value is determined and measured
  • How your law practice processes evolve the more you test procedures and listen to your clients
  • Should you utilize a quality control checklist when you’re drafting motions or conducting research and if so, what should be included on the list?

You can listen to the episode on Lawyers Gone Ethical's Podcast Page, or at any of the links below:

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