Up-level the Client Experience

Written By John E. Grant  |  Podcast, Productivity  |  0 Comments

I joined Melissa Shanahan from Velocity Work for an episode of her Law Firm Owner podcast.  We dive into the importance of looking at your practice through the lens of your client and their experience. You’ll hear why doing this inherently forces better quality legal work, how he’s navigated shifting to a client-first approach in his business, and how unbundling your business internally has the potential to help you up-level client satisfaction.

What You’ll Discover:

• What the Kanban board entails.

• The value of divorcing your business model from the act of examining the components of your delivery pipeline.

• What happens if you solely focus on expanding your skillset and knowledge base without considering client experience. 

• The key to profitability.

• Why you need to understand the client experience and drivers of value to your client. 

• How Agile had to come up with different ways of thinking and delivering their work

You can listen to the episode on The Law Firm Owner's Podcast Page, or at any of the links below:

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