Disruptive Innovation & the Latent Market for Legal Services

Last week I was honored to give the kickoff keynote for the Portland node of the Global Legal Hackathon. The hackathon itself was to follow two tracks, Business of Law and Access to Justice, but I made my case that there are plenty of opportunities to cover both of those topics with product or service offerings at the same time.

Unfortunately the talk wasn’t recorded, but I did my best to re-create it in the video below. Take a look to see why the old and established firm PWC is actually doing a better job at Disruptive Innovation than the recently defunct Atrium did (and why the British Columbia Civil Resolution Tribunal may be the most disruptive technology of all).

I also make my case for the latent market for legal services not by using the $1.4 Trillion figure that seems to be making the rounds, but by building a case that there is a $10M potential market in Oregon just helping people file pleadings on family law cases.

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