Ditching Hourly Podcast

A couple of months ago I had a fanboy moment.

Jonathan Stark is someone I’ve been listening to (and reading) for nearly a decade. He’s the prolific host of the Ditching Hourly and Business of Authority podcasts, author of the excellent book Hourly Billing is Nuts, and a proponent of sending daily emails to your list.

(Those of you who have followed me for awhile know that I tried and failed at the daily email thing).

In any event, Jonathan reached out to ME with an invitation to chat on his Ditching Hourly podcast, so of course I said yes.

And it was not a bash session on the billable hour. Jonathan and I more or less agreed that there are a lot of reasons why hourly billing remains persistent in the legal industry. Whether or not we think they’re good reasons is irrelevant if the owner of the legal business likes the hourly model.

Instead, my suggested topic for our episode was “Helping lawyers improve their delivery workflows so that ditching hourly becomes obvious.”

But I like how Jonathan distilled it for his show notes: “The Agile Attorney, John Grant, joined me on Ditching Hourly to share how he helps his clients transition from inefficient workflows, WAY too much work, and low margins, to efficient workflows, a comfortable amount of work, and higher profits.”

You can listen to the episode on Jonathan’s Podcast Page, or at any of the links below:

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