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In this first episode of my Voice of the Client series we hear from Lynn, a single mother locked in custody disputes with two different ex-husbands as she moves to a new state and deals with emerging special needs for her kids.

I chose this as my premier episode because, even though Lynn’s situation is awfully complex, it highlights some common challenges people have with navigating the family law system. Lynn was a young mother who initially found herself in some unhealthy relationships, but she’s worked hard to build a career and find a much more grounded path for herself and her loved ones.

Nonetheless, she exhibits a lot of characteristics that I know would classify as red flags, and she’s struggled to find affordable and competent counsel as a result. But what some might see as trouble signs strike me as the qualities of someone who is passionate for her kids and is willing to do the work necessary to find a better life for them.

As a bonus, Lynn is a marketing professional who has some useful insights and helpful tips for all lawyers to learn from.

Three takeaways (from the many lessons in this episode)

(1) At least one of Lynn’s attorneys (and seemingly one of her ex’s attorneys too) seem to spend an awful lot of time kicking cases down the road instead of getting them resolved. For me, this is a clear indication of a lawyer who is working over-capacity, leading to a stressed-out lawyer and a terrible experience for their clients.

(2) Even from the attorney she likes, Lynn gets very little help navigating the family law process. She constantly feels like she needs to do her own research to understand what’s going on, and this leads to her second-guessing some of the decisions her attorney makes. At no point did the lawyer sit down with her client to say “this is the roadmap, here is where you are now, and these are the next steps to get you where you want to go.” 

(3) Even though Lynn has a hearing within a few days of the interview, she isn’t aware of important details like whether the appearance is virtual or in-person. No doubt that’s adding to Lynn’s stress, which manifests physiologically. 

I’d love to hear what you think, so please listen to the episode and then drop me a line via email or on social media.

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