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In Season 1 of the Agile Attorney Podcast, we are focusing on the Voice of the Client.  I am bringing you the stories of real people in their own voice talking about the challenges and successes they have had dealing with lawyers.  

Today you will hear from Angel who has had some serious challenges in the workplace at the intersection of racial and gender discrimination.  There is a lot to unpack in this interview, but one of the things I hear is an internal struggle about how to value the effort he gets from his lawyer.  In the end, Angel learns some tips from his lawyer that helps him navigate future challenges in the workplace.

My three takeaways:

(1) Angel suffered through a lot of issues in his workspace, and did a lot of homework, before things finally got to the point where he actually hired a lawyer. I think it is important for lawyers to recognize that their client’s journey often starts long before they get a lawyer involved.

(2) Angel finally lands on a new-solo lawyer at a time where the lawyer’s case load seems to be relatively light, but it sounds like Angel’s experience of working with the lawyer changes as the lawyer gets busier. Nonetheless, the lawyer really helps Angel clarify his understanding of his own case and his own situation. 

(3) Discrimination is real, and it is complicated. Even though Angel seems to have suffered through a host of indignities and unfair situations, he really wrestles with looking out for his own interests and seeking accountability from wrongdoers as a way to protect his colleagues in similar situations.

I’d love to hear what you think, so please listen to the episode and then drop me a line via email or on social media.

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