Proactive beats Responsive

Continuing this week’s theme on Attention Pollution

Yesterday I challenged the conventional wisdom that lawyers should always be responsive to their clients.

So how can a lawyer create a good customer experience without being responsive? Easy: Be proactive instead.

You’ve probably heard that lack of lawyer communication is one of the most common sources of client dissatisfaction—and bar complaints!

So put your communication on a schedule. Depending on your practice type, every single one of your clients should be getting an update on their case anywhere from weekly to monthly. Even if what you send is a “No update update,” clients will appreciate hearing from you and seeing what is happening (or not) with their case.

Monthly updates aren’t that daunting if you stagger them: Put each client in a bucket from weeks 1 through 4, that way you wind up sending an update to 25% of them each week.

Here’s the other benefit. If you know you’re going to have to send a client an update, you (and your team) will be a lot more likely to do the things necessary to show them some progress. That makes it a win-win.

I’m posting this on the Friday before the United States’ first celebration of Juneteenth as a full-fledged national holiday. As a white dude, I found this article to be helpful for me to better understand why Juneteenth is important and how to celebrate it (h/t to Oregon State Bar President Kamron Graham).

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